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Some Douche Bag
Australia: 'The country where everything wants to kill you' - Pretty sure it was Deena who said it?

Current Residence: The country where everything wants to kill you
Favourite genre of music: Alternative/Punk
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic (160gb of win)
Favourite cartoon character: Creed - Black Cat or Tsuzuki - Descendents Of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei
Personal Quote: I'm NOT CHEAP. Wait...I'M NOT A WHORE /sob



:star:on edits~

:bulletblack:General Information
First Name: Daniel
Surname: Walker
Middle Name(s): N/A
Nickname: Hm, I’ll let you guys make them up but I assume Dan will be common.
House: Roseus
Accessory: Ribbon around neck
Age: 18:star:
Birthday: 5th of October
Blood type: AB
Height: 5”9
Weight: 70kg
Hair: White with streaks that change colour with the temperature
Eyes: Green
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Species: Human

:bulletred:He has a telepathic bond with Valter Natale Aalto, though only Valter Natale Aalto can transmit messages.
:bulletpurple:He has streaks in his hair that change colour with the temperature.

:bulletpink:Daniel also has very strong Eden, which makes up for the fact that physically, he's really very weak. He's strongest with Lightning, but he can do little things with Fire. Pretty much dead to everything else.

:bulletwhite:Carnivores especially  canines
:bulletwhite:Valter Natale Aalto (at times)
:bulletwhite:Pretty objects and people
:bulletwhite:Shiny objects
:bulletwhite:Spontaneous and exciting people
:bulletwhite:His hair. A lot.

:bulletwhite:Herbivorous animals
:bulletwhite:Valter Natale Aalto (at times)
:bulletwhite:Dull and boring people

:bulletwhite:Video games
:bulletwhite:Getting into trouble
:bulletwhite:Living recklessly

Food: Strawberries (I blame you Kazuki):star:
Colour: Bright purple
Drink: Soda of all kinds
Movie: The Lost Boys
Book: Doesn’t read (it’s questionable as to whether he CAN read)

:bulletgreen:strong willed
:bulletred:Easily bored
:bulletgreen:generally a cheerful person
:bulletred:A little flaky
:bulletgreen:Always up for a challenge
:bulletred:Can be a little violent at times (not often, just if he gets too angry)
:bulletred:REALLY short attention span
:bulletred:Can be quite vain about his hair
:bulletgreen::bulletred:Will do pretty much anything, and is utterly shameless. Whether that’s a pro or a con is yet to be seen.

:bulletblack:Why did he enter the Academy?
With Daniel, there is no long sad story, or noble quest for revenge, really he just got bored of his happy little life.

:bulletblack:Back Story (Daniel’s POV)
I was born into a good family, not rich, not poor but financially stable, my parents were pleasant people and I had two sisters. We had a decent sized house. It was all very perfect, all very normal, and all very stuffy. Like most, normal, people I grew bored and so when I turned 14 I said a tearful farewell to my family and journeyed off to find the wonderful Academy of Heroes, somehow, I managed to get lost. Very quickly. I mean, three days into the journey, quickly.

I was found wandering around in a large forest by a wolf-dog, it bit me one night while I was asleep and woke me up and was soon herded up and chased me from the forest. Damn mutt. I kept going, wondering disdainfully why I ever left my cushy life back home, actually no I just answered my own question…it was too cushy, to easy, boring as hell. ANYWAY I kept going, and after a few more days I noticed the mutt still following me, I also started noticing a weird voice in my head. I was pretty sure I was going nuts.

Nah, as it turns out I was hearing the wolf-dog’s voice, as he – I dunno is beamed the right word? Thoughts into my head, he didn’t even have a name, so I let some nice Portuguese man (though he had creepy red eyes) name him, Valter Natale Aalto was born, and I vowed to never, EVER let anyone name things for me again. So the mutt and I kept going, I have no idea why he can beam things into my head, I mean I sure as hell can’t beam them into his, we tried, a lot. Sigh.

Finally we arrived at the Academy, well life will start looking up now, more interesting things happening. I hope.

Oh and Valter Natale Aalto says hi.

:star::star::star::star:Shortly after I found Valter it became apparent he was orphaned by a Wyvern attack, which explains my reaction to the Wyvern in the exam

:bulletblack:Any crushes?:star:
Not anymore...

:star:Got rid of Relationships, he knows too many people XD
  • Watching: Pandora Hearts

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